Born in Mississippi and raised mostly on the road journeying across the United States of America with my sister, I have a unique perspective on the variety and what it means to be an American. A rough youth followed the lack of a permanent home and at age 16 I found myself living on my own. It was about a year later at 17 I joined the Armed Forces. Serving in the U.S. Navy for just over six years I was, unfortunately, disabled in the line of duty. Before I was discharged I had two children to my first wife, a boy and a girl, both whom I love dearly; if afar as they live in Japan with their mother. It would not be too long before I would meet the love of my life who would one day become my second wife, Billie Jo.

Journeying the world I found was a beautiful thing, having visited over 40 countries across six continents, but I found the solo journey to be just that; solo. I would come into the passion of art that I found as a youth and draw temples and people with wonderful precision however upon my injuries in the Afghanistan area I was to end up with both of my arms partially severed. Losing my identity as both an artist and as a sailor was crushing until I met a man who struggled as hard as I did, if for different reasons. Clayston Schonberger would go on to be my biggest inspiration to overcome my physical and mental obstacles and despite our occasional conflicts, always found it within him to see the good in me.

Disabled but not broken of spirit, I reside in Taylors, South Carolina where I aspire to advance my art beyond its current level to one day where I can do full 3d animations & design work. My arms and body will never be what they once were but I found a certain peace with that. I struggle with some other legacies of the past but I will press on and develop who I am as both an artist and as an editor.