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How to Play Bubble Shooter?


How to play Bubble Shooter

A game that is full of excitement and adventure, Bubble Shooter is one of those arcade games that will make your heart race. The concept of the game is quite simple, but it does have a number of twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With an endless supply of bullets, enemies and items in your disposal, you’ll want to see how you can beat your competition.

In order to start playing, select the ‘Bubble Shooter’ icon from the main menu. You will then be thrust into a high-tech world in which bubbles float and accumulate up to eight points while being shot at by angry balloons. Your goal is to destroy as many bubbles as possible, while protecting the bubbles that you already have. Your score is based on how many you hit, so aim carefully!

The first levels are rather difficult, but don’t let that deter you! There are some very tough levels that only a true adventurer will be able to handle. The regular levels will require very quick thinking and aim. The bubble shooter game moves at a very fast pace, so you’ll want to pace yourself. It gets harder the more you advance. The later levels will prove to be even more of a challenge, but I promise you they are well worth the effort.

The music and sound are excellent! The sounds are soft and soothing, fitting well within the bubble world that you will be into. When a bubble is shot, a small line of white lines will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. These indicate where that bubble is currently located. Master all the targets, win all the levels and complete the stage to unlock the higher levels! If you lose a life in any level, you will have to re-start from the beginning to complete the level.

You are provided with an option of controlling either the character or the computer. If you pick the character, your movements will be controlled by what you see on the screen, but if you decide to play using the computer, you’ll need to target bubbles using the mouse. Some very simple tricks using the keyboard will help you control your character, although this game is best played with the mouse for those who enjoy playing games with more precision. This game isn’t the flashiest game I’ve played, but it’s fun once you get going!

Aiming while shooting is done using the left mouse button and the right mouse button. Use the space bar to target a bubble by clicking on it. Release the mouse button to fire. Be sure to use the bullets when you’re aiming; they’ll fly out at a very rapid rate!

You can also change the color of the bubbles in this game by selecting them with the mouse. Selecting different colors will change the patterns of the bubbles, so you will have various looks to choose from when you want to try this game. Changing the size of the bubble you’re shooting at will allow you to hit harder, but it may take longer to shoot a smaller bubble. A good trick to keep in mind if you’re having trouble getting through a particular bubble is to change its size until you find another way to destroy it!

Keep trying different combinations of these bubble-shooting skills until you have mastered the basics. Try changing the color of the bubbles, but don’t go too far with this change until you can shoot through several at one time without any problems. When you feel confident that you have mastered this game, you can start to increase the number of bubbles you wish to shoot at once. Try experimenting with the various choices you have for this bubble shooter!